The District maintains 227 miles of canals and ditches within Indian River County.  The aquatic weed control program, using DEP and EPA approved chemicals is maintained by an outside contractor (currently Future Horizons, Inc.). 

 The mechanical maintenance is maintained by the District in house to maintain adequate flow within the canal system for primary drainage. This is the sole purpose of the District. Secondary drainage is the drainage from landowner properties into the District canal system and is the sole responsibility of the landowner.

 Permits are issued to protect the District’s ability to effectively and safely use the canal and rights of way, while providing for compatible public use. 


District Map

District Map (jpg)




Water Control Plan

This plan has been prepared pursuant to the 1997 revisions to Chapter 298, Florida Statutes as specifically set forth Section 298.225.  The original Plan of Reclamation of the Indian River Farms Water Control District (I.R.F.W.C.D.), formerly known as the Indian River Farms Drainage District, was initially adopted and approved by the Board of Supervisors of the Indian River Farms Drainage District on March 4, 1920.  At that point in time, the Indian River Farms Drainage District was located within St. Lucie County, Florida (Indian River County was created in June of 1925), and the order approving the Report of Commissioners was approved by the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in St. Lucie County, Florida on August 18, 1921, and recorded in Chancery Order Book 2, Page 493, Public Records of St. Lucie County, Florida.  The original Plan of Reclamation (now an integral part of the "Water Control Plan") has long been completed and the I.R.F.W.C.D. now functions as an Operations and Maintenance entity of the Works of Improvements therein.  In the early to mid 1980's the District approved and undertook a project of evaluation and updating of the original Works of Improvements of the District.  This study resulted in the creation of a computer model of the District's facilities and various revised recommendations in the operations of the District.  Currently, the District is working with Indian River County and the St. Johns River Water Management District in the development and planning stages of a Master Stormwater Managment Plan within I.R.F.W.C.D.  addressing stormwater quantity and quality discharges into the Indian River Lagoon.  The current plan will be up for review  in October of 2025.  The detailed plan is available in the District office.

District Wide Study

This study (SWMM 3.3 model) was prepared in order to assist the District in determining the capabilities of the canal system, and to be able to prioritize short and long range requirements with cost-effective water management improvements available to the District.

This Book is available for purchase from the District office located at 7305 4th Street, Vero Beach, Fl in the amount of $125.00.